David Goffin mental strength in doubt


It’s often tough to establish yourself after a breakthrough year ( it happened to Tomic in 2012, Golubev in 2011, Stebe in 2012, Ebden… and many other players), and it seems to be happening to David Goffin this year, and that’s a shame because the Belgian is in my opinion such an exciting prospect and he has such a good timing off both wings. This year he has a 1-4 record, with just 1 win over Ebden in Brisbane R1. Almost in all his losses he has had a chance of winning, specially in his 5 set losses vs Verdasco in Oz R1 after being two sets to one up with a break in the 4th, and his most recent loss vs Troicki on Davis Cup R1, after squandering a two sets to love lead. Even though he showed some improvements on his game, like more firepower on his groundies and with his serve, he loses all that on key moments, showing a huge lack of mental strength. I hope it’s just a temporary slump, and I think it will be that, because a player of David’s caliber can’t spend too much time without winning. Allez David!, all the best



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