One-Sided Rivalries on Active Tennis [ Part 1]


I’m going to talk about some rivalries going on at active tennis ( updated till Rome 2012), the requisit is that there must be a 10+ wins difference between the players.

Federer vs Ferrer: 13-0, [4-0 on indoors, 1-0 on carpet, 3-0 on outdoor hardcourt, 5-0 on clay]. Ferrer did not won a set in the first six meetings [ Federer won 13 straight sets vs him].They have met three times at WTF, at RR, SF & F, Ferrer unable to win a set in either meeting. David has won 3 sets vs Roger, two on clay [@ Hamburg 07′ & @Madrid 10′] & one on hardcourts [ @Cincy 09′]. They have played matches 8 years, now 4 in a row since 2009. They have only played a Tie-Break, won by Federer 7-6(14) on Basel QF 2005. In my opinion Ferrer gives everything on the court, but he is just overplayed all the times by Federer, and despite Ferrer is one of the best returners he just can’t get a clue on Roger’s serve.


Djokovic vs Troicki: 11-1 [1-1 on clay, 8-0 on outdoor HC & 2-0 on indoor HC]
Troicki won the first meeting 7-5 in the third, back in Umag 2007. They have played all years, at least once since 2009. The place in which they faced more is in Miami, 2011 & 2012, Troicki not taking a set in both meetings. Troicki had some chances vs Novak, @Dubai 2010 [ 3-6 6-4 6-2] ,@US Open 2010[ 6-3 3-6 2-6 7-5 6-3, Troicki leading 2 sets to 1 and with a break in the 4th] & @Paris2011 [ 4-6 6-3 6-1], but he seems unable to capitalize vs Novak, unlike Tipsarevic, who always gives a good fight vs Djokovic.


Federer vs Roddick: 21-3 [ 2-0 on carpet, 9-3 on outdoor HC, 4-0 on grass, 5-0 on indoor HC & 1-0 on clay]. Federer won first 4 meetings, the first one was very tight [ 3-6 6-3 7-6 back in Basel 2001]. Federer stopped Andy’s career, with a 7-0 record vs the American on finals, 6-1 on SF’s, 6-1 on QF’s, and 2-0 on earlier rounds. Despite having a better serve, A.Roddick only outaced Roger 3 times, @Basel 02′ QF, @Cincinatti 05′ F & @Miami 08′ QF, only winning the meeting in Miami 2008. Roddick has played great vs Federer on Miami, leads the confrontations there 2-1, winning a set on the one he lost. Federer won 11 straight meetings vs Andy, from Montreal 03′ to Miami ’08, only dropping 3 sets. Then won 6 straight meetings before losing to Roddick when the American was ranked outside of Top-25 in Miami 2012! Roddick had three M.P’s in WTF RR 2006. They met 4 times in Wimbledon & Basel, Roger did not lose a match in those. They played an epic Wimbledon final in 2009, with Federer prevailing 16-14 on the 5th set. I believe, like many people that Federer has stopped Roddick from being an all-time great, in my belief, had Andy not been in Roger’s time he could have won at least two more slams.



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